Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GR8 Conf

This week I attended GR8 Conf in Bloomington, MN.  It's been several years since I've this type of technology conference so I was excited to see what this conference had to offer.  GR8 Conf was local, reasonably priced and had quite a few sessions which were related to desktop technologies - sounds perfect!.

GR8 Conf ended up being money well spent.  I attended sessions on Groovy, GrailsGradle & Griffon.  Even though I did a little coding with Groovy & Grails when I was in school, the sessions were great refreshers and I managed to pick up a couple new tips.  Both Griffon and Gradle were completely new for me, so I got a crash course in these technologies from a couple great speakers who clearly knew their stuff.

This is definitely a conference I'm planning to attend again in the future.