Monday, October 15, 2007

Tired legs

Yesterday I went for my first bike ride in a long time. Family, school, work, moving, training for a marathon and the ever shorter hours of daylight have made for a grab bag of excuses for not riding. With the marathon safely behind me and the rest of the family taking a Sunday afternoon nap, I decided to put off school work for a bit and go for a quick ride.

I set out for a short spin on the rolling hills near my house. Try as I might, I couldn't convince my body to go for a nice easy recovery ride. After all, my marathon guide book says "Post marathon Week 1: Do nothing". The problem is, my eyes see hills and my legs, lungs and heart say "What does Hal Higdon know anyway? Let's go!"

It was a short chilly ride. It was overcast and about 50 degrees out and I was a bit underdressed. I hadn't gone far before the cold started to get to me and I decided I should head home. It's a good thing too because I no sooner climbed out of the saddle then my legs decided to remind me they had carried me 26.2 miles just 7 days earlier.

After a bottle of sports drink and a 10 minute power nap things were pretty normal again. Okay, so maybe Hal was right...

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