Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Earlier this month Jamie Thingelstad was the guest lecturer for our industrial seminar. He's the guy behind bigcharts.com and as you can imagine, he has a few interesting things to say about the web. His presentation touched on a variety of topics most of which were (not surprisingly) fairly web centric.

At one point during his presentation he stated that, in his opinion, facebook was the web 2.0 equivalent to linkedin. Much to his amazement, a good majority of the students in attendance were not facebook members. I'd bet if he had asked about linkedin he would have seen a different response. I can't speak for my classmates but I felt like I was too old facebook. I graduated from college before facebook ever existed! Besides, isn't facebook where college students meet up to remind each other exactly what they did at the massive keg party last weekend...?

Well, rather than be late to the party (no pun intended) I signed up for facebook to see what it was all about. So far I'm amused but not completely sure if I'm going to find this any more useful than my short-lived account on Orkut.

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